Graduate Students

The SMART Lab has attained its current form through the work of many individuals including faculty, graduate students and lab technicians. Some graduate students worked in directly related projects, some did other projects that directly or indirectly helped the team.  All these graduate students worked in various projects during their graduate studies at Youngstown State University. They made profound contribution by investing their time and energy to make the research projects successful.   

Natalie Wood (Spring 2024)

Utshree Sharma (Summer 2020)

Garima Neupane (Summer 2020)

Meera Elizzabeth Maxy (Spring 2018)

Bhishan Poudel (Summer 2017)

Shobha Kanta Subedi (Summer 2016)

Binod Paudel (Summer 2016)

Dan Phillips (Spring 2014)

Kevin Lang (Spring 2014)

Amer Jaroo (Fall 2013)

Hiwa Hamid (Fall 2013)

ABM Mostafizur Rahman (Spring 2012)

Josh Thomas (Fall 2011)

Amar Shukla (Spring 2011)

Saif Ahmad (Fall 2008)

Hadi El-Chammas (Fall 2007)

Vacancy Announcement

The Civil Engineering program at YSU may have a vacancy announcement soon. The ideal candidate shall have a BS in civil engineering, and a PhD in civil engineering  or a closely related field. The following links will be active once the announcements are posted.