Dr. Anwarul Islam, PE, is an ASCE ExCEED Teaching Fellow trained at the West Point Military Academy in July 2008. He brings more than a decade of industry experience to provide students with a hands-on learning opportunity in the classroom.

“Teaching is important to me for several reasons: it is a way to provide service to the community; it enables me to expose students to my research topics and to help them achieve better understanding of the materials taught; it helps me integrate research and education in mentoring students, and provides me an opportunity to interact with intelligent people, and to learn new materials and developments in civil engineering. This is why I am interested in teaching courses in a wide range of topics in civil, structural and geotechnical engineering. Overall, I enjoy teaching, and respect its value and importance to the society.” — Dr. Islam.

Following is a list of courses Dr. Islam taught at YSU:

CEEN 2601 Statics
CEEN 2602 Strength of Materials
CEEN 2602L Strength of Materials Lab
CEEN 2610 Surveying
CEEN 2610L Surveying Lab
CEEN 4812 Construction Management
CEEN 4881 Geotechnical Engineering
CEEN 5855 Reinforced Concrete Design
CEEN 5856 Steel Design
CEEN 5882 Foundation Engineering
CEEN 5883 Bridge Engineering
CEEN 6958 Structural Dynamics